Coffee mug balanced on book and journal. Image courtesy of Samson Katt @ Pexels
Not pictured: dust, Legos, a random sock.

How important is a writing routine?

One of the most common pieces of advice I’ve seen is how vital a routine is to your success as a writer. …

Well, here goes.

My name is Alicia and I am a writer.

That’s how affirmations work, right? We state what we are and then work towards becoming it, or at least believing in our own potential? I don’t have a lot of practice with this, being a gifted self-doubter. Whoops…

The Unspoken Joy of Mammography

Sitting in the awful silence of the mammography office, I can’t help but think what it really needs is a festive party atmosphere. I realize I’m lucky; I’m there as a precaution, not a necessity, and too many women walk out of this room with…

I want an extravagant love.
I want a love that reaches up high
sweeps its hands
takes what it wants
and twists down my body, like a vine

I want a love that explores.
I want a love that climbs inside
pushes out, all knees and elbows
and tests the tensile strength
between my…

A.N. Woodward

Ambulatory rainbow, bursting with adjectives.

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